Introduction :

For the purposes of the assignment a simple Notepad++ editor was used, no sophisticated or licensed software was used.

This site was based on XHTML5 and CSS3. Futures of HTML5 which included in the site are:

- Embedded video on index.html site.

- HTML5 web form fields with some validation.

- HTML5 canvas

All webpages were validated successfully with the Total Validator v8.

Website Layout:

The aim was the design a website compatible with all modern browsers along with a fluid layout.

Limitations of the window size were implemented to prevent distortion of the website when viewing dimensions were under a specific threshold.

The thresholds of maximum and minimum window size were set as following:

min-height: 800px;

min-width: 1024px;

max-height: 1400px;

max-width: 1850px

The use of percentages to set margins instead of pixels was necessary to get the same view in different screen resolutions.

- The "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif font styles were set to achieve cross-browser compatibility with Windows, MAC and Unix Operating Systems.

A user friendly layout of the website was done using a top bar a navigation bar and light colours

The website layout is constructed with:

  • Top Bar
  • Banner
  • Navigation
  • Container:
    • Main Content
    • Sidebar
  • Footer

- In addition a favourite icon was added with the following code:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="" />