Images :

- Angrybird Advertisement (Right Sidebar): Created from scratch using GIMP 2.8.


- Banner (Top - All Pages) : Used photos of paintball player and Bristol map to create the main banner. The specific image was created using Adobe Photoshop CS5. It is a combination of an edited photo Bristol map and the addition of customized text.

- Bristol (bristol.jpg - home.html) : Minor changes using GIMP software. addded special effects.

- Icons (Top-Right Corner) : Copied without change (opacity changed in CSS).

- Gallery Photos (gallery.html): Copied it without change.

- Wiki Photos (wiki.html): Copied it without change.

- HTML5 Logo : Copied it without change.

- Back to Top arrow(up.png) : Copied it without change.

Javascript :

- Use of the Jquery library (jquery-1.9.1.min.js).

- Search Function (search.js) : Google search function integrated in the site to provide the facility of locating specific content in the site

- Coin Slider (coin-slider.min.js) : An open source fast and light slider implemented using Jquery 1.19.

- slider-options : The options slider customized to match the website's needs.

- Back to Top (back-top.js) : A useful function for returning at the top of the page.

- Canvas (canvas.js) : A function that draws text using HTML5 canvas.